The Greatest of Pickleball The World Has Ever Seen

Lapiplasty UPA World Championships


Welcome To Pickleball BLVD

Pickleball Boulevard is coming back to Brookhaven Country Club in Farmers Branch, an inner-ring suburb of Dallas, for 11 days celebrating the biggest pickleball party in the world from November 1-10. Registration is now open for the amateur divisions of the The 2024 Lapiplasty UPA World Championships powered by Invited (Nov. 3-10) and tickets are now on sale for Major League Pickleball (Nov. 1-3) and the Lapiplasty UPA World Championships (Nov. 3-10).


The can’t-miss pickleball event of the year marks the return of Pickleball Boulevard and will usher in a new era of competitive and social pickleball, with significant upgrades to the event for both competitors and fans.

  • Major League Pickleball Playoffs
  • DUPR Collegiate National Championships
  • Lapiplasty UPA World Championships
  • Deep Eddy Vodka Celebrity Pickleball Showdown
  • Pickleball Boulevard Block Party
  • Pickleball Business Forum
  • Amateur registration across ages and skill levels is open to ALL
  • Enhanced facilities and layouts will elevate the experience for attendees.
  • Pickleball Boulevard will feature world-class dining and entertainment
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